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  • An ambitious project at the entrance of Ecolys® Business Park

    the Business Center will group various activities such as the Rops auction house, 10500sqm of offices, a brasserie-restaurant, a hotel of 120 rooms, meeting rooms and conferences, parking lot, ...

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  • A biopesticide invented by the spin-off FytoFend approved in Europe

    FytoFend, a spin-off from the University of Namur set up in the Regain building at Crealys® park, has just launched the biopesticide FytoSave®.

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  • Coris BioConcept celebrates its 20th birthday and is going to invest in Crealys®

    The Director(Manager) of CORIS summarized the history(story) of the company, on a funny and pragmatic tone, to remind the difficulties which start-up and SME meet throughout their life, to remain competitive and innovative, but also the immense satisfaction to realize its objectives and, in this case, to be able to contribute to save from lives

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  • Tomorrow's Business Parks: Highly connected parks are on the cards

    Plan Marshall 4.0, : creation of "high connected" parks with qualitative objectives regarding connectivity, water management, energy or circular economy...

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  • Diagnostics has the Wind in its sails at CREALYS®

    Diagnostic in the veterinary and animal fields, it's at Progenus!

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