Healthcare and the Silver Economy

Is your business involved in healthcare? Then think Namur!

Extending working lives not only places specific demands in the medical-social sector, but also in the ICT, leisure, financial, furniture, ergonomic and home automation industries, etc. These evolutions imply the development of new economic activities: this is what is known as the Silver Economy, or the economics of the aging population.

Locations dedicated to your projects


An extensive network at your disposal

landscape associated with healthcare. This ecosystem involves a number of key regional and local players: the city and the social welfare centre in Namur, the province of Namur, the Créaogra, the University of Namur, the Gembloux Smart Gastronomy Lab, the Namur hospitals, private entrepreneurs etc.


A number of leading players resemble the future of the Care-YS which is dedicated to the Silver Economy:

  • There are three hospitals in Namur and these focus on the quality of care and patient admissions.
  • The Rural Home Support Group (ADMR), which operates out of Bouge, allows people experiencing difficulties to enjoy a better life at home at any given time. This service assists over 10,000 households each year.
  • The Creagora Christian Mutuality complex consists of a research and innovation cluster focusing on social issues. This Living Lab offers full-scale testing of services, tools, or new applications in the area of domestic support: this includes a social alarm management station, and bathrooms or kitchens which have been adapted for this purpose, etc. The apartments come equipped with devices suitable for patients wishing to face the challenge of independent living with a view to returning home.
  • Specialist BEP coaches have been trained to provide you with a customised support program.

Skill sets at your disposal

You have nothing to fear when it comes to finding new recruits in the healthcare, life science, ICT and home automation, etc. sectors! The Namur region provides quality education in these industries.

  • The Gembloux Agro-Biotech Faculty offers a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Food Nutrition. The objective is to train professionals who are capable of manufacturing the food of tomorrow.
  • The University of Namur consists of six faculties, including those geared towards computer science and medicine, as well as specific research centres such as the Grives group (an interdisciplinary research group which focuses on the aging population).

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