SUCCESS STORY - Cafés Delahaut set up in Ecolys®

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Without leaving the emblematic store in Namur city centre, Cafés Delahaut will shortly also have a production plant in Ecolys®.

Roasting coffee in Ecolys®

Cafés Delahaut have been growing for several years – from 40 to 100 tonnes roasted in Namur in five years – and as their production buildings in avenue Général Michel in Namur are becoming cramped, they are to settle in a brand-new building in Ecolys®. The coffee will now be roasted here and it will be the departure point for the delivery vans run by this Namur family business.

Threefold assistance from the BEP

As well as assisting with the preparation of the establishment dossier, the BEP helped brothers François and Frédéric Delahaut, the fourth generation of roasters, to obtain an investment premium for the installation of the company in the Ecolys® business park. A standard premium was thus obtained and others have been requested.

Moreover, the company also requested the assistance of the BEP to carry out a circular economy diagnosis with a view to re-using the waste from its activity as it becomes established in the Ecolys® park, designed and equipped entirely with a view to receiving companies active in the field of eco-construction and sustainable development, as well as traditional companies that are adopting environmental management methods (as regards energy, mobility, waste management, etc.).


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