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Is your business part of the creative and digital economy? Then think Namur!

Is this a project sandwiched in between artistic, commercial and new technology? Then take advantage of Namur’s capabilities when it comes to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The town of Namur would like to be seen as a smart city, notably via its Namur Innovative City Lab, which forms the portfolio of projects submitted by the town of Namur supported by the BEP (professional patent studies) within the context of the ERDF request for projects running from 2014 to 2020. Its Smartcity by BEP program also assists the BEP to help make the area more ingenious, more collaborative, more engaging and more attractive; this allows the local area and its participants to make the most of the existing digital transformation. 

This important project can be broken down into various fields of exchange and animation. What is the objective? Well, it is to encourage joint work programs and the emergence of concepts and innovation, and to uncover those who are ready to share their knowledge and skill sets.

Areas dedicated to your projects

  • TRAKK: a genuine incubator, a creative Namur hub which offers a fablab, a livinglab, both colour and black and white studios, offices, collaborative working areas, and an entertainment based program for businesses within this particular sector.
  • Coworking Namur: a collaborative working area in Namur town centre, where between thirty and forty people can work alongside one another. Here you will also find a meeting room for ten people, along with a seminar room capable of hosting up to fifty people.
  • The Crealys® Science Park, which is managed by the BEP and which focuses exclusively on the ICT industry. Businesses which belong to Crealys® work in conjunction with Namur and Gembloux AgroBiotech universities, along with research centres, competitive and Walloon clusters, as well as with the BEP, which itself provides genuine technical simulation.


Digital communication, architecture, connected objects, web, interactive installations …:
the creative economy of Namur is a network of businesses, developers, designers, students, researchers, ICT technicians, architects, engineers, encoders and makers who go that extra mile beyond the boundaries of their respective disciplines.


Namur has proven itself in all of these areas:

  • Specialist BEP coaches have been trained to provide you with strategic support, to (re)invent you with your business model, and to implement managerial innovations, etc. One of the targets is start-up businesses, for which the BEP has developed a specific line of support.
  • The KIKK Festival promotes digital technology and its creative dimension: workshops, conferences, and meetings with experts from the industry.
  • The University of Namur brings over 2,000 minds together under one umbrella that are ready to change the world: creative, innovative and entrepreneurial skills, innovative management research, innovative team leadership, new product development methods, work on ethics and governance, bioethics, and the implications of information and communication technology in both law and the society, etc.
  • The Ressourcerie Namuroise is a commercial business which collects bulky items and gives them a new lease of life. It works specifically alongside designers to benefit from using recyclable materials.
  • The Digital Agency is geared towards making Wallonia a region at the forefront of digital technology.
  • The Namur Innovative City Lab project combines eleven projects designed to develop a smart urban innovation dynamic to help promote Namur as a Smart City.
  • The Infopôle is the Walloon cluster which is dedicated to ICT and which brings over 150 members together in the areas of healthcare, intelligent transport, green technology, the Internet of Things, serious games, trans media, big data, open data, and so on.
  • The Cluster Twist has the objective of strengthening innovation and growth within the Belgian media industry: cinema/TV/animation, broadcasting technology, multimedia (interactive media, video games, trans media, web, mobile, social networks).

Skill sets at your disposal

Namur is training your future developers, ICT technicians, designers, web designers, coders, graphic designers and community managers,… One in every three people in Namur is under the age of 25 and benefits from a high quality education.


Here are some areas to recruit your future collaborators:

  • The University of Namur is renowned for its computer science department.
  • The Haute École Albert Jacquard trains future professionals in the fields of graphic design, 3D techniques, video gaming, the web and multimedia.
  • The Institut Supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie (IMEP) implements projects so that information technology can be integrated into artistic and musical creativity.
  • Technobel is an expert information and communication technology centre which offers training and information associated with ICT for those seeking employment, along with businesses, students and teaching staff.
  • The IESN , the Henallux financial, technical and teaching division (a higher education institution based in Namur, Liège, and Luxembourg) offers you further education courses in IT security, specialist ICT, and in online security.

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