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The industrial process responds to the Walloon demand for enhancing reindustrialisation. This sector includes mass production, developing individual machines, and consultancy firms specialised in industrial assembly or strength calculation, stability,…

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The Namur region intends to play a role in the reindustrialisation of Wallonia. A number of key regional and local players are involved in highlighting the industrial process and logistics:

  • The Mecatech competition cluster is dedicated to the mechanical engineering sector and brings together over 200 academic and industrial partners who work with materials and surfaces of the future, micro technology and mechatronics, maintenance and reliability features via sensors, measurements, expert systems, etc.
  • The Logistics competition cluster in Wallonia brings over 300 members together and specifically assists businesses in maximising their logistics process: flow of raw materials, managing internal flow processes, production planning and distributing finished products…
  • Specialist BEP coaches have been trained to provide you with a customised support program.
  • A powerful local entrepreneurial dynamic located close to the Mecalys® business park as part of the corporate network

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Skill sets at your disposal

Namur trains your future engineers, developers and logisticians… One in every three people in Namur is under the age of 25 and benefits from a quality education.

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