An appointment at a park run by the BEP? Don’t lose your way!

QR code pour naviguer sur les parcs

Do you have an appointment at a BEP business park but you have not noted down the address? A QR code can show you the way!

The BEP is gradually changing the information panels in the parking areas at the entrance to each business park. The panel bears a QR code which, when scanned with a smartphone, displays a list of companies at the park and directions to reach them. Practical, isn’t it?

Video explanations: 


This new service is available for all companies at business parks run by the BEP… and their visitors!

While waiting for the panels to be put up at the entrance to all the parks and for those wishing to prepare their visit in advance, all the information about our parks (companies, plots, addresses, etc.) remains available via the website

Business park information



Your company at one of our business parks?

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