Condrolys®: new identity for the Ciney-Hamois business park


The Ciney and Hamois business park, located near major roads, covers 120 hectares. A new 51-hectare extension will accommodate an additional 110 companies and 1,000 jobs. Just the moment to give it a new identity: Condrolys®!

Condrolys®: at the heart of Condroz

The Condrolys® business park takes its name from the region in which it is located: Condroz. Condroz is a green oasis stretching from the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure in the west to the Pays de Herve  region in the east. It lies to the south of the Sambre and Meuse rivers and spans the provinces of Namur, Hainaut and Liège. Its capital is the city of Ciney.

When the extension was finalised, the BEP wanted to strengthen the identification of the business park. Accordingly, a new logo (opposite) and a graphic charter were created.

“We measure the importance of Ciney’s ideal location in terms of accessibility, near major roads and at the centre of Wallonia on a daily basis.” 
Frédérick Botin – Director of General Services at the AWE, the Walloon Livestock Association.

The extension: new companies and new jobs

The Ciney-Hamois business park, Condrolys®, has proved attractive ever since it first opened in the 1970s.

Early in 2022, the business park was home to no fewer than 120 companies and almost 1,000 jobs. Given the lack of space, Condrolys® is being extended, initially by 20.3 hectares before reaching 51 hectares, and will be able to accommodate around 110 additional companies and 1,000 jobs.

Visiting Condrolys®

BEP Expansion Economique organised a business park discovery day on 23 September: an opportunity to visit a number of companies established there and to take note of the services available at Condrolys®. Almost 80 participants joined the visit.

Summary of the day ( website)


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