SGS Ewacs supplements the group’s range at Créalys

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Companies expanding one after another

Another growing company has just opened a new building at Créalys, located behind its current infrastructures which have been here for over 25 years. The year 2023 was in fact marked by an impressive series of projects confirming that companies are pleased to have chosen the Gembloux science park for their development. One of these is the Swiss group SGS. Board member Marc Van Ryckeghem recalled the confidence that the international management placed in its entity established on the Walloon market. The investment this time amounts to EUR 2.5 million.

Not so young a company

SGS first settled in the science park in 1998 when it acquired Geologica. This was followed in 2007 by an extension and the arrival from Feluy of the group’s EWACS section. EWACS stands for EMERGENCY WASTE AND CHEMICAL SERVICES. 

The EWACS division, which began in Flanders in 1987, more specifically in Melsele near the Port of Antwerp, has now invested in the creation of a centre in Wallonia for the temporary storage of so-called hazardous waste. A facility like this was cruelly lacking in the region.

It therefore focuses on recycling, upgrading or properly processing certain waste, such as corrosive, toxic, inflammable and explosive substances, etc., but not radioactive products. The teams even go as far as reconditioning them correctly.

For example, if a lorry spills its load on the motorway, blocking the traffic, SGS Ewacs intervenes to secure the area as regards hazardous waste and take care of transporting this waste, storing it temporarily in Gembloux and transferring it to the appropriate processing centres. Other situations may involve products (chemicals, etc.) falling from shelves, the dismantling of drugs laboratories, etc. All these services are very useful for the local community.

Find out more

Emergency, Waste and Chemical Services | SGS Belgium

A company providing essential services

Sixty-five people worked at Créalys in 2023, divided among five departments: the engineering consultancy department and the ‘ground’, ‘asbestos’, ‘air’ and ‘analyses’ sectors.

In these areas linked to the environment, both public authorities and private companies can find solutions to their problems, whether in the engineering consultancy department regarding the environmental impact, the management of special waste by means of the emergency intervention system or services for water, ground, asbestos, etc.

It is worth noting, in no particular order, the hydrogeological and karstic analyses, collection identification, ground permeability tests, soil traceability, environmental audits, carbon emissions, pollution research, measurements of PCBs, heavy metals and PFAS, everlasting pollutants that have been the subject of a great deal of discussion recently.

The company’s awareness tools are sometimes quite fun, like this musical group that uses industrial containers to perform…

The BEP at your service, too

The BEP teams and the commune of Gembloux were once again warmly thanked for their support throughout the development process involved in this investment. The successive management teams clearly appreciate the ongoing commitment shown to them by local players.

So the BEP offers you, too, its professional guidance adapted to your needs.

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