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A launch ceremony

On 8 December, Full-Life Technologies announced the construction of a new production plant to reinforce its total radiopharmaceuticals solution. 

Full-Life Technologies (Full-Life), a fully integrated global company active in radiotherapy, organised an event to lay the first brick in Gembloux for the construction of its new production plant in accordance with good production practices in Belgium, dedicated to radiopharmaceuticals. This strategic investment is intended to further develop Full-Life’s end-to-end solution by reinforcing its radiopharmaceuticals production capacities at a key logistics hub in order to ensure fast supplies and deliveries to patients throughout the world.

“Today marks a major step in the development of Full-Life as an integrated radiopharmaceuticals company and underlines our commitment to excellence and innovation in radiotherapy”, declared Philippe van Put, general manager of Full-Life Technologies Europe. “Efficient production and supply chain management are essential for the development and marketing of radiopharmaceuticals. This plant will ensure reliable supplies for clinical development and Gembloux provides us with an unmistakable advantage, given its location at the heart of Europe’s biotechnological innovation corridor, its rich pool of professional expertise and its sound logistics network.”

Mr van Put added: “We would like to express our gratitude to the Walloon Government and the local authorities for their partnership, their support, by promoting an environment that is conducive to the radiopharmaceuticals industry.”

The project

Full-Life is active in radiopharmaceuticals, substances that are used to diagnose and/or treat health problems, mainly in oncology, for therapeutic purposes (cancers).

It involves bringing together two components:

  • A biological vector that will attach itself specifically to certain types of cells (cancer, inflammation site, glucose consumption site, etc.)
  • A radioisotope that will make it possible either:
    • for diagnosis, to locate the point at which the vector is attached or the lack of attachment;
    • for therapy, to destroy pathogenic cells very locally.

These products are mainly used in nuclear medicine units.

The ultramodern 4,000-m² plant, which will serve as a production centre for Full-Life, integrates sustainable design with optimal automation and quality control systems. The commitment to maintain control and reliability within its supply chain while achieving profitability lies at the heart of its operations. The plant, which will occupy a 17,000-m² plot, has been specifically designed to produce a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals.

A unique network of experts

The brick-laying ceremony was attended by industrial experts, healthcare professionals and leading figures at federal level and from the Walloon community and the Namur area, as well as major investors who gathered to celebrate Full-Life’s major project in Gembloux and acknowledge a key stage in the company’s mission. 

The company’s Chinese leaders had of course also made the trip to mark the occasion. Moreover, the CEO, Lanny Sun, confirmed that the location had not been chosen at random: “There was no other place!” he declared, confirming the many assets offered by Belgium and Wallonia in the field of biotechnologies and international networks. Belgium also has a strong history in the nuclear sector, including in the medical sector.

About Full-Life Technologies

Full-Life Technologies Limited (‘Full-Life’) is a fully integrated, worldwide radiotherapy company with operations in Belgium, Germany and China. The group organises the entire value chain for research and development, the production and the marketing of radiopharmaceuticals in order to have the most efficient clinical impact possible for patients. The company plans to resolve the fundamental problems that currently affect radiopharmaceuticals thanks to innovative research that targets the treatments of tomorrow.

Full-Life comprises a team of dynamic entrepreneurs and scientists with proven experience in life sciences as well as in clinical research and development in the field of radioisotopes. It already employs around twenty people in Belgium.

Full-Life-From Half-Life to Full-Life.

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