JAMAR, a family business dating back over 100 years!


A brief history…

The Jamar company was founded in Namur, Belgium, at the end of the 19th century by Charles Jamar, a joiner-carpenter and owner of a sawmill in France. The company began by specialising in reinforced concrete and stability, undertaking military engineering work, reinforced concrete railway tracks and concrete installations.

In 1918, Charles’ sons, Charles and Gaston Jamar, took over the company and further developed the reinforced concrete activities. In 1925, the company began producing concrete blocks and diversifying into masonry work.

In 1965, the company was officially incorporated under the name ‘Ch. Jamar et Fils sprl’, run by Charles and Georges Jamar, Gaston’s sons. Under their management, the company expanded to include restoration, transformation and stone cutting/masonry projects.

Michel Jamar, Charles’ son, then took over in 1989 and the company developed as a general contractor. It also obtained ISO 9001 and 1999 certification and undertook major projects, including the renovation of its head office in 1998.

Finally, in 2002, Frédéric Jamar joined the company and took the reins, leading to bigger, more luxurious projects beyond the Namur area.

The group’s activities

Over the years, Jamar has expanded its activities to include customised carpentry and roofing. It obtained accreditations in these fields in 2008 and 2020 respectively. The company has also introduced energy management practices and become a member of the Cap 2020 cluster, which aims to reduce energy consumption in construction.

Since 2020, the company has therefore offered a total range of construction services, from masonry to roofing, including joinery, while maintaining its commitment to reduce energy consumption in construction.

Jamar has also become associated with the home furniture company Menuiserie de la Meuse, whose manager is a director at Jamar. These local partnerships are essential to boost the development of a company and anchor the activities of SMEs in their region.

And in 2023?

JAMAR therefore recently extended its installations in the Créalys business park by adding a showroom for its new fitted kitchens and customised furniture subsidiary which operates in partnership with the highly renowned Germany group Siematic. A representative of this group attended the inauguration last September. At the local level, Jamar therefore brings in international synergies to achieve its ambitions.

It was also an opportunity to revamp this industrial building, purchased in 2010, in order to make it more welcoming and representative of the quality that Jamar intends to continue to target in all the projects undertaken for its clients.

The company currently employs 22 people.

The BEP as facilitator

In providing support for the growth of Namur businesses, the BEP also played its role here as an intermediary for the technical and administrative questions linked to this extension. The BEP teams remain close to these entrepreneurs throughout their development.

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