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Idéalys is the dynamic business club that covers the Créalys® and Ecolys® parks as well as that in Floreffe-Malonne, which stands out owing to its varied and impactful actions.

Idéalys demonstrates its desire to create a better future by combining reflection and concrete action with events ranging from enlightening conferences on crucial subjects to more fun-filled proposals.

Substantive conferences to shed light on the issues of the future

Idéalys made its mark by organising cutting-edge gatherings on burning current issues. A recent conference on artificial intelligence helped demystify this emerging technology and enabled participants to understand its implications. Another such event turned the spotlight on the scarcity of raw materials, both metal and non-metal, raising awareness among the participants of the environmental and economic challenges linked to this issue.

  • A further conference focused on energy, a crucial topic for the future of our society. This took place in the facilities of the Belgian Red Cross at Ecolys® on 16 November 2023.

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Committed to circularity and sustainability

The club supports the circularity action, an initiative that aims to promote a more environmentally friendly economic model. This responsible scheme encourages member companies to adopt sustainable practices and rethink their approach to environmental challenges. The awareness week provides an opportunity for companies to share their eco-responsible initiatives and identify synergies enabling them to act together for the benefit of the planet.

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Combining discussions and sport for the staff

In addition to its large-scale actions, Idéalys promotes staff well-being by organising fun-filled and sports events: 

  • A lunch-time barbecue was arranged at Créalys® on 7 September, offering members the opportunity to gather together and exchange thoughts and ideas in a friendly atmosphere.
  • A relay race beginning at 6.00 pm was also planned at Ecolys® on 12 October, highlighting the importance of physical activity and team spirit.

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